Thursday, 21 March 2013

JAUH: Daniel Frederick Sut (New Song)

Hello GFL fans all around the globe!

It's Friday and you know what that means: the weekend is finally here! Ngarap ke semua raban GFL gerai2 magang. It's been pretty moody today, ngarap ke bisi ujan legi. Really can't stand the hot weather here in Kuching.

Anyway, GREAT NEWS! GFL has officially posted the brand new single, "Jauh" by our amazingly talented artiste, Daniel Frederick Sut today! Check out the song in YouTube or you can just simply watch it here, and make sure that you don't forget to LIKE it and share the song video in Facebook and to anyone you know. It pretty much reminds of masa Genggam Jariku mula2 keluar suba: such a new, fresh and interesting sound ari lagu Iban ke udah teleba didinga kitai ngelama tok, with different style of music arrangement, and even a distinctive style and approach in the lyrics! Make sure bala kitak ninga lagu tok and terus nyukung penyanyi baru kitai, Daniel Frederick Sut. :)

Daniel Frederick Sut
Written & Composed by Gabriel Fairuz Louis
Music Arrangement by OnStage Recording Studio

At the same time, have you guys voted for GFL for the upcoming AJARR 6? If you have, much thanks to you and please terus nganjung undi ktk utk GFL. Ngagai ktk ke bedau agik nganjung vote, anang enda vote diatu. This is how you can vote:

SUPER EXCITING NEWS to be announced soon! Bedau tauk ka announce dulu ba ditok, nganti GFL empu udah meri Green Light, hehe~ But, as always, Keep supporting GFL dalma industri muzik kitai!

Have a blessed Friday and a great weekend, everyone!

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