Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Things have been pretty hectic lately especially as I'm trying to finish the blog as SOON as possible and start promoting it. Lots of work, I'm telling you but it has been such a fun and exciting ride so far, so, NO complaining! The blog is pretty much 80% done, and we all in GFL Management Team are WAY excited to share it with the world, especially with all the GFL fans out there! I am really hoping that you guys are going to love the blog and enjoy your stay here.

Feel free to say hi, drop a message or two, or just chat with other online fans in the ShoutBox column. We would love to hear anything from the fans! In the meantime, let's keep supporting and campaigning GFL for the upcoming AJARR event!

Genggam Jariku, anang ngelengka, maya ati tusah. ;)

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