Friday, 22 February 2013


Welcome to Gabriel Fairuz Louis' official blogspot!

Finally! I'm the admin who will be in charge of keeping this blog updated as well as keeping you guys informed regarding Gabriel's whereabouts. And Gabriel himself will also be managing the blog. I hope you're liking the page, am really glad to finally share it with all of Gabriel's loyal fans. We'll keep you guys updated with more exciting news and other stuff just for you guys, so make sure you keep checking out this blog. Or even better, be one of the followers and share the blog with others! 

In the meantime, congratulations to Gabriel Fairuz Louis for making it as one of the finalists for AJARR 6 this year! Yay!!! Let's keep campaigning for Gabriel and start planning now (and saving $$$!) to attend the prestigious show to see Gabriel performing "Genggam Jariku" live! 

All the best for Gabriel and "Genggam Jariku"!

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